Claim your Crypto-Watch certificate here (smart contract)

1. First install The Metamask wallet

2 You must push "+Add Tokens" in your wallet.

3. Now your fill in the contract adres on "Token Address" and the toke symbol change into CPR and token of precision must be 0, then "add token" now you will see a new wallet under your ETH wallet, named CPR. 

4. Now you must see the new wallet under your ETH wallet, named CPR

5. you push on the CPR wallet and you see "Receive" and "Send" 

6. you must push on receive and then your CPR wallet adres pops up. This adres you send to us in the next form

7. Now fill in your data that you find on you fisical certificate, whit your email and CPR adres then we can verify and send the CPR smart contract to you. 

*Enter your e-mail adres so we can registrate the contract on that mail adres. 
*Enter your unique code that you find on the certificate 

*Enter the contract address that you find on your crypto-watch certificate that you received with your watch..

*You must send us your CPR receive adres so we can send your smart-contract (Watch-certificate) you find this adres in your metamask app/wallet. Just as we explaind before 

8. When we received your details we will send you confirmation and then we let you know the token is sended. Then you must follow one more step and that is again "add-tokens" > "costum token" > fill in again your contract adres on the token adres form, token symbuol will be automatic CPR and token of precision must be 0, then add token and now you will see you 1 CPR in your wallet. 

9. Keep your certificate safe and don't lose it! Make a back up. This certificate must be transferred to the buyer if you ever sell the watch. This is the first crypto watch that has an certificate on the blockchain. Keep your Coinpower watch original. one day your smart contract is worth more then today.