Published on 10 September 2022 at 21:38

Dear members, I would like to give you the tip to definitely stock up on this coin for the long term.


The Max supply is 25 million and this supply is almost reached. The price is now 0.004 cents! If you put in 100€ alone, you already have around 25,000 coins of which only 25 million exist!


great wallet

The project itself has a very good wallet (Windows Linux Mac). Make sure you fill in the Port yourself. You do this at the top left at "preferences" and then at "connections" ;
-Remote daemon
-Port: 13007



This coin is even based on cryptonote from which monero also descends. This is really worth a risk. But very important, bring the coin under your own control on your private Wallet from IRD!

so buy this coin on tradeogre and send the coins to your own wallet (don't forget to keep the private keys safe). A shortage. Once you've done this, you'll need to send the Coins by 499 because tradeogre probably doesn't have enough IRD to sell large amounts at once.


Coinpower love crypto winters

This is the beauty of the crypto winter you can buy projects extremely cheaply and this coin can go much lower, 0.0004 is even possible but now putting 100 € in it is really no disaster and a risk of nothing, even at the bakery you count nowadays even more off. If a bull market starts and the coin rises, you dump it of course, but hold it for the time being and everyone can miss this amount in this group, otherwise you should not be in crypto either.


Remember HOLOCAIN?

The people who have been here for years and years know that we, for example, indicated to buy HOLOCHAIN ​​years ago, we did this of course in an ice-cold market (just to be clear, few people listened then as usually in a crypto winter, they were mainly busy with how low the market could go..) HOLOCHAIN ​​went about x100/120 later on.


Our example then is the same as now

We then gave as an example "spend a small amount that you spend at your local sushi bar and skip the restaurant once, because you have nothing more to lose", and so with IRD you spend 100€ on a risk that probably everyone can miss if things go wrong otherwise you have nothing to look for here I think.


Market sentiment is cynical

Take hardcore abuse of the cynical sentiment of the market, this is great, I myself am really on a bargain hunt these days. Where a few months ago you paid 10k for a certain portfolio, you now do that with a few 100 €!



Yes it can be much lower

And yes this coin can trade 10x lower, but “so what?”. It's there where you put another $100 in lol, that sets you apart from the moonboys who can only think in a bull market but don't know what to do when the tables are turned.



Buy low, sell high

Are you familiar with the saying “buy low, sell high”? So this means "buy low" the statement is always cool in a bullmarket but how few people really stick to this concept? I can tell you “very very little” here on Coinpower too.


As always people come and say “Project is dead”

And of course there will be people who will say "but this project is dead" yes skip this one is our advice we don't have time for people who don't dare to take a 100 € risk on a project of 25 million coins with a price of 0.004 cent. If you do buy it, install the wallet and get everything from tradeogre and send it under your own management! And then you don't look back for a long time!


Sushi is always an option

Or.. spend your money in that sushi bar and leave this coin behind in a few years, people will say "if only I had.. yes figure it out then lol"


Team Coinpower

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