Monero Twitter account under control of bad people

Published on 2 June 2022 at 14:03

Be very careful I have a feeling that the Monero Twitter account is under the control of people with a dangerous agenda.

Monero Twitter podcast Co-Host

I follow this Twitter account for a longer period of time and it looks like at least Justin Ehrenhofer has power over this Monero Twitter account, there was a podcast recently in the Monero community and the Monero
Twitter account was the host, but no one was talking on that account, but I saw Justin was the co-host and he was leading the conversation. I thought to myself, is this real, is this man in contact with the Monero-Twitter account after all that has happened with this person in the monero community?


Strange retweet on Monero twitter account 

But yesterday I saw a strange retweet from the Monero Twitter account a retweet from cake wallet how to do KYC and use fiat money to buy monero, most people do not understand the danger in this, but this is how Bitcoin was going under way back when blockstream
took over the community, they brainwashed everyone in the bitcoin community telling them fiat/bitcoin is the way to go and the bitcoin community accepted it and looking at bitcoin today absolutely miserable!

Zcash was just a test to see the reaction of the Monero Community 

This is not the way Monero should go! Monero should push adoption rather than teaching people how to buy Monero with a system we are trying
escape. I think at this point the Cake wallet is controlled opposition and they are trying to hijack the Monero community, this is an important thing to do for people with dangerous agenda's, because to turn the project into shit you need the community behind you
first, and that's what they are doing now. Zcash was just a test how far they can go with the monero community and they wanted to test the reaction of the
community to see if people already agree with there opinion, remember they are trying to brainwash the
monero community! they are probably in the boat with Haveno aswell because they also tested the reaction of the community recently,seems one and the same agenda if you ask me. And lets not forget the Cake wallet "hack" where a lot of people's BTC was stolen. 


Taking over a community needs to be done with patience and very good development!

Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with with Cake wallet itself (open source code) but you have to understand they can't take over a community by pushing a shit wallet with bugs and bad code in it, it's actually the opposite, they have to come up with the best wallet there is to win the highly intelligent monero community for them! when everyone is used to Cake Wallet, they will be implementing several things that
are contrary to the spirit of Monero and people will accept it because they rather don't talk badly about their community member who has done so much for them! This is the real danger: "closing your mouth to bad development", this is where it begins!



Do you remember the Monero run from a few weeks ago? Well, the whole community was talking about it, but guess who wasn't talking about it? Yes, the Monero twitter account! 400k followers and they said not one
word about the Monero-run that day, what an absolute shame that was. This is not in there best interest ofcourse if you believe that bad actors are in charge of the Monero twitter account.



Or the mining pool issues the whole community was talking about it a few months ago, guess who was not talking about it, again the Monero twitter account did not supported us, yes 400k followers and they said nothing about it! this was again a great shame.
Lately they talked about it in a tweet 2 months later lol.


Monero Twitter re-tweet Cake Wallet shit post?

The people in control of this Monero twitter account have a different agenda and it ain't supporting the monero community, but when Cake Wallet start talking about a KYC/FIAT system, the Monero twitter account suddenly retweet that shit. I mean, what the fuck is going on here? Am I the only one who sees this shit?


No one has power over the network

Of course they have no power over the Monero network or anything, but we have to watch them very closely because if they succeed taking over the community spirit that would be a very dangerous situation,
the bitcoin community taught me that the hard way. So please be careful and also keep your mind decentralized, always have an opinion about you own, maybe I'm wrong, but I've learned that mostly my gut feeling is on the right side, most people in coinpower would agree with that.


Would people recognize who is attacking Monero?

Some people know that Monero is under attack and they understand why, but when you tell them where the attack is coming from they suddenly think you are crazy
they somehowe think that the enemy of Monero commes to them with a big red flag telling them
we going to attack you, this is not how it works, your enemy always comes as your friend exactly what we are seeing right now! They are already here with us telling us they are our friends.


Protecting the Monero spirit is a job of all of us 

So do us all a favor and keep an eye out for the Monero community and talk about situations you don't like because this is the only way we'll get the Monero community safe from bad actors, keeping your mouth shut from bad things means: you agree.. I don't care if people in the Monero community hate me because I say these things, I tell them what I see and when I see something that I don't like I being the first to bring it up, no matter who hates it.


Protecting the escape routes out of the matrix is our goal!


Team Coinpower

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