Coinpower - Monero Crypto Watch


A Unique Monero Crypto Watch

This is not the random watch you see everywhere on the worldwide web, our coinpower watches are actualy unique and one of a kind!


Note : Crypto payments accepted! For the payment wallet, contact us on the Phone or Whatsapp or telegram



Coinpower crypto watches with smart contracts

We have special for crypto fanatics worldwide
set up a Crypto Watch project that is unique in the crypto world. We've been on this for over a year and through the current situation in the world this had become even more challenging. But from now on you can be a real member of the biggest crypto community in the Benelux. Coinpower is very famous in the crypto community and that is why you will get 100% proof on the blockchain for your watch also this is unique and never done before.


Nobody can make this watch and tell its from coinpower because they don't have the real
smart contract, you can only get it true our system. This make the watch so unique and big watch sellers will follow soon but we are the first! 


Free Shipping Worldwide

But as anyone familiar with Coinpower knows that we are
are go-getters and never give up. Ultimately, our great project
succeeded! Our Unique crypto watches are a fact and available worldwide, shipping is completely free!


Your certificate on the blocckhain

With this watch you actually own a piece of crypto, because we have our watches linked to our new COINPOWER CPR token! Every watch has a physical certificate and blockchain (smart contract) certificate.


Claiming your blockchain certificate

When you buy a watch, you can claim your smart contract here
on our website. You find the needed data on your physical certificate. We will then send the smart contract to you. Your watch is linked to the blockchain and this is also unique!


What is monero?

Find here our complete tutorial with video.



-handmade watches of extremely good quality!
-Watch runs on the wrist
-Dail specially designed
-Physical and Blockchain based certificate
-A specially designed box and made by hand.


Strong freedom quote on the back of the watch 

There is strong evidence that Monero was created by none other than Satoshi Nakamoto. Monero stands for freedom and privacy and as everyone sees our freedom and privacy is getting smaller by the day so a coin like Monero is getting stronger by the day. On the back of each watch is a statement "Monero Because privacy matters" a quiet but powerful protest.


Be unique 

Be one of the few in the world with this unique crypto watch! And order it now.


Own QR-code (wallet) on the dail

You have the option to get your own wallet QR-code on the dail. The waiting time is 45-50 days because we must costumize your watch. The price is also different and you can choose this option, down here . Send us your QR-code by mail after payment we will start the proces directly. 

pay with monero also possible

monero adres :


After or before payment contact us on phone or telegram 


Team Coinpower