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Become the best trader!
Do you want to become a real top trader then this might be something for you.

New in the crypto world
You are new to the crypto world and don't know where to start. We take care of our VIP members and you are assigned an expert who is ready for you.

Our expert is available
You can ask for literally anything from starting a new account to providing support with your own TA. The expert helps you with everything!


What do you receive one month long:

- You receive the signals that everyone receives on discord

- The premium chat stand is there just for you so you can communicate with other premium members.

- And of course the most important and this is the availability of an expert just for you, 1: 1 in a telegram chat.

Join coinpower's exclusive VIP program and learn how to become a real trader.

Years of experience
We have years of experience in the crypto market and have already experienced several bear markets!

Number 1
Coinpower is number 1 in the crypto world in terms of lessons and signals.


Terms & Conditions 

Their is never any garantee, you can always lose your money this is still trading! Trade only with money you can lose! But we will never have an automatic montly payment, so if you paid the subscription of 229 euro and you dont like it you can always leave the VIP group when your time is over. Remember their is no refund of this money. Members most also be 18 years or older we don't accept any underaged members. 



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