1 month - Coinpower VIP member (forex)



We offer mentorships through Coinpower for those who want to delve into the forex market. You will be guided by an expert with years of experience. From A to Z you learn the ins and outs of the forex market. You will learn how to make a Technical Analysis and receive valuable tips on how you can make yourself mentally stronger in order to trade profitably. After all, trading is immersing 80% psychology and 20% analyzing physical and fundamental events.


In this package you get the following:

- A 1 on 1 zoom session in which the expert teaches you all kinds of tips and tricks. You will make technical analyzes together and look together at news articles and important events and their effect on prices.


- You can ask all your questions throughout the day in a one on one chat, which are explained in detail. There are also regular theory lessons  about the market and the psychology behind trading.


- The expert will make a plan together with you, at the end of the month there will be another 1 on 1 zoom session to get a clear picture of your progress. You will then receive the latest tips and tricks.


- You also get access to the premium Discord group in which signals (signals). You also have access to the forex premium chat in which the premium members can communicate with each other.


Don't wait any longer and don't start learning about the forex market today! Become an expert yourself!