Coinpower War Room - Telegram Chat (private)


Welcome to Coinpower War Room

Let's start our group has nothing to do with war. It has to do with the psychological war that we experience every day and from which we are going to let you escape. We try to stay up to date with our community and avoid falling into a deep black hole in which we are at the mercy of others.


We talk about everything in the world

In this group the main theme is not only crypto but everything that happens around us in the world we talk about it and look for solutions together we try to start projects together that we benefit from and you can network who knows come you meet someone that is useful to you.

We focus on seeing the truth!

We have some strict rules:

- Of course, name calling and other insults are prohibited.
- Selling/buying crypto cash is prohibited in our group
-Only "watching" is not allowed, you want to remove valuable information from the group, we also require that you put information back in or mix in topics, have not been joined for more than a week, bann without refund.
-You must verify all information you share yourself, false information is banned.
-We have an extremely tight-knit group of guys who have been together for years, join and you'll learn something different from other mindset groups.

For additional questions contact telegram on telegram


Team Coinpower