GrapheneOS Crypto Phone


GrapheneOS is a privacy and secure android version compatibility without google-play services and possibility to run the android apps, one of the focal points is sandboxing and exploit restrictions, which means that apps when they are started are closed in a separate compartment , and exploit restrictions is that it is set up to have little to no vulnerabilities in the software that are used to make your software/hardware vulnerable to attacks. This system is so well engineered for security and privacy that it whistleblower Edward Snowden is promoted :

“If I were to configure a smartphone today, I would use GrapheneOS as the base operating system. I would desolder the mics and turn off the radios (cellular, wifi and bluetooth) if I didn't need them. I would route all internet traffic through the @tor project”

This amazing GrapheneOS is extremely strong and secure it is currently the most secure and stable smartphone system, I have an excellent guide to get the most out of your security and privacy.

Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance from the big tech companies and the insecure internet.

Phone comes with standard SIGNAL MESSENGER

Stay safe in this surveillance states we live in